Brandon Maurer converts his third straight save for the Padres

June 1, 2017

San Diego Padres — Brandon Maurer’s third straight save — against the heart of the Cubs’ order in a one-run game — is enough to get him back atop the Padres’ committee, for now.

Updated hierarchy: *Maurer | Hand | Buchter.
* = closer-by-committee

Minnesota Twins — After a really rough week (four appearances, 3 IP, 8 ER), Ryan Pressly will get some time to kick back and enjoy the wall-to-wall excitement that is Rochester, NY. While Tyler Duffey or Matt Belisle inherits the seventh inning for the boring ol’ Twins, Pressly can fill his belly at the Greek Festival, savor the beauty of the Fairport Canal Days, and — if he’s really feeling frisky — take in a lecture at the Genesee Valley QuiltFest. Rochester: Limitless — just like an ERA!

Updated hierarchy: Kintzler | Rogers | Duffey.

Texas Rangers — After Alex Claudio gave the Rangers two solid innings in a tight game, Matt Bush reminded us he’s human by blowing a save. Now it’s a tied game in the tenth: you be the skipper! Your options are Tony Barnette, Sam Dyson, bringing Bush out for a second inning, or having Pete Kozma pitch. Got your answer locked in? Did you choose Dyson? Of course not!! But Jeff Banister did, so two home runs later, Tampa Bay had the win. If you started Dyson on your fantasy team tonight, email a screenshot to [email protected] and we’ll apologize for being rude to your son.

Updated hierarchy: Bush | Kela | Claudio.

New York Mets — A lengthy suspension is expected for longtime mascot Mr. Met, who broke his 53-year streak as the only person in baseball who hadn’t flipped off a Mets fan. Although his wife and understudy Mrs. Met is expected to move directly into the main role, it’s possible she could join a committee with ex-mascot Mettle the Mule and Bobby Bonilla, who might as well earn that perpetual paycheck with a few bat races.

Mascot hierarchy: Mrs. Met | Mettle the Mule | Bonilla.

1. Matt Barnes — Craig Kimbrel threw 27 pitches in a four-out save on Tuesday and got another save on Wednesday. He’s amazing, but might need a night off.

1. Joe Smith/Ryan Tepera — Roberto Osuna and Smith have each gone in two straight.