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TB Grant Balfour Joel Peralta Heath Bell Grant Balfour 4/14/14

Previous updates:

April 14, 2014
Tampa Bay Rays – A day after Jake McGee got an 8th hold inning for the Rays, Heath Bell was called upon to pitch in the 7th of a game that the Rays were losing by four.  Bell didn’t help matters, allowing two earned runs and raising his season ERA to 5.40.  His peripherals aren’t great so far, either, and at age 36, he’s got to start proving that he still belongs.  Hierarchy change: Jake McGee to 2nd in line, replacing Heath Bell.

March 13, 2014
Tampa Bay Rays – The irascible Australian Grant Balfour, rejected by Baltimore, will be out to prove something to his division rivals. Ranked #14 in our preseason closer rankings.

March 11, 2014
Tampa Bay Rays –Almost an Oriole, Grant Balfour returns to the Rays this season as the team’s closer. He was 38-of-41 in save opportunities last season in Oakland and will replace Fernando Rodney, who departed for Seattle. The Rays feel they have the best bullpen in baseball, and they have plenty of options behind Balfour. Juan Carlos Oviedo, Heath Bell, Joel Peralta and Jake McGee all figure to factor in Joe Maddon’s late-inning plans. Bell struggled last season, but if Peralta struggles Bell may see his more high-leverage time. Starting 2014 hierarchy: Closer – Grant Balfour, Set-up – Joel Peralta, 2nd in line – Heath Bell.

September 25, 2013
Tampa Bay Rays – Jake Odorizzi picked up a three-inning save on Tuesday as the Rays shut out the Yankees. No hierarchy change.

September 24, 2013
Tampa Bay Rays – After nearly three months on the disabled list, All-Star set-up man Jesse Crain was finally activated on Monday. If he’s truly healthy, he should soon pass Jake McGee as Tampa’s top seventh-inning option. No hierarchy change.

September 4, 2013
Tampa Bay Rays – Starter Roberto Hernandez picked up the first save of his eight-year major league career with 3.2 scoreless innings in a 7-1 win. No hierarchy change.

August 28, 2013
Tampa Bay Rays – After Joel Peralta struck out the side in the eighth inning, Fernando Rodney entered and blew his eighth save of the season. The Rays fell to 3-12 in games where they have blown leads in the seventh inning or later. With the Rays in the heart of a pennant race, they can’t afford to keep losing this way. Fernando Rodney to Hot Seat.

July 30, 2013
Tampa Bay Rays – The Rays took a gamble on Jesse Crain; if he’s able to return from his injury with the same form he exhibited earlier in the season, he’ll be in the thick of the bullpen mix with Joel Peralta and Jake McGee down the stretch. Hierarchy change: Jesse Crain to 2nd in line (DL).

July 17, 2013
Tampa Bay Rays – Fernando Rodney isn’t the most reliable closer in the league, but the Rays are still likely to stand pat at this year’s trade deadline. TRADE DEADLINE BUY/SELL: None.

July 12, 2013
Tampa Bay Rays – Fernando Rodney had the night off on Thursday, and Jake McGee who got the save in his absence.  The opp likely would’ve gone to Joel Peralta, but Peralta had to be summoned in the 8th inning to bail the Rays out of a sticky situation.  But McGee has been pitching very well lately, having only allowed 3 runs in his last 24.2 innings, and his usage over the past week suggest that he’s basically sharing the set-up role with Peralta at this point.  No hierarchy change.

June 1, 2013
Tampa Bay Rays – Cesar Ramos went three innings for the save on Friday.  No hierarchy change.

May 26, 2013
Tampa Bay Rays – Joe Maddon on Saturday gave Fernando Rodney yet another vote of confidence after the closer’s fifth blown save of the year.  But with his ERA now at 6.05 on the season, Rodney remains on the hottest of Hot Seats, and Joel Peralta’s continued efficiency makes him a great speculative add, if he’s available.  No hierarchy change.

May 18, 2013
Tampa Bay Rays – As predicted in yesterday’s vulture save watch, Joel Peralta recorded the save last night.  Fernando Rodney was warming up in the 9th but Joe Madden did not need to bring him in as Peralta pitched a perfect 9th.  No hierarchy change.

May 17, 2013
Tampa Bay Rays – After another dreadful outing, Fernando Rodney now has a 5.28 ERA and 3 blown saves in 10 tries this year.  Joe Madden gave him a vote of confidence after the game, saying: “I’m not really concerned yet. I’m not running away from Fernando. We’ll get him right.”  We are, though, especially with reliable set-up man Joel Peralta (1.96 ERA) having another solid season.  Fernando Rodney to Hot Seat

May 13, 2013
Tampa Bay Rays – Jake McGee picked up his second 7th-inning hold in the past week on Sunday.  McGee has an extremely high ERA, but it’s mostly due to one horrible outing he had in early May.  On the rare night when both Fernando Rodney and Joel Peralta were unavailable, he’d likely get the save opp.  Hierarchy change: Jake McGee to 2nd in line, replacing Jamey Wright. 

May 2, 2013
Tampa Bay Rays – An ugly April for the Rays bullpen has spilled into May, as 7th inning man Jake McGee gave up 5 runs on Wednesday against the Royals.  McGee’s ERA jumped from 6.48 to 11.00 after the shellacking, and with hard-throwing righty Kyle Farnsworth struggling, the Rays may have to start leaning on journeyman Jamey Wright to get a few high-leverage outs late in games.  Wright has been one of the few reliable arms in Tampa, with a 1.54 ERA in 12 games so far.  Hierarchy change: Jamey Wright to 2nd in line, replacing Jake McGee.

April 11, 2013
Tampa Bay Rays – Jake McGee pitched the 7th inning last night, a role he has settled into nicely.  Kyle Farnsworth, meanwhile, hasn’t pitched in many high-leverage situations in the early going.  Hierarchy change: Jake McGee to 2nd in line, replacing Kyle Farnsworth.

February 24, 2013
Tampa Bay Rays – Starting 2013 hierarchy: Closer- Fernando Rodney, Set-up- Joel Peralta, 2nd in line- Kyle Farnsworth.

July 13, 2012
Tampa Bay Rays – Fernando Rodney’s dominance has been one of the biggest surprises of the season, and with Kyle Farnsworth recently returned from the DL, the Rays are unlikely to add any bullpen arms. TRADE DEADLINE BUY/SELL: None.

July 1, 2012
Tampa Bay Rays – Kyle Farnsworth pitched his first inning of year on Saturday, logging a scoreless frame in the 7th inning. The former closer immediately slots in to the Rays late-inning hierarchy, and could push Joel Peralta for the 8th inning role. Hierarchy change: Kyle Farnsworth to 2nd in line, replacing Jake McGee.

June 14, 2012
Tampa Bay Rays – Jake McGee pitched a perfect inning in a losing effort on Wednesday, lowering his ERA to 1.69. JP Howell, meanwhile, has not rediscovered the velocity that made him such a dynamic reliever two years ago and has struggled, particularly in recent weeks. Hierarchy change: Jake McGee to 2nd in line, replacing JP Howell.

May 5, 2012
Tampa Bay Rays – Joel Peralta recorded a one-out save on Friday. As noted in the vulture save watch, Fernando Rodney had been used a lot lately, so he was given a night off. No hierarchy change.

April 20, 2012
Tampa Bay Rays – JP Howell pitched the 7th inning yesterday while the game was still close. Joe Maddon seems more willing to use Howell to pitch to both righties and lefties, while Jake McGee has settled into more of a LOOGY role. Hierarchy change: JP Howell to 2nd in line, replacing Jake McGee.

April 9, 2012
Tampa Bay Rays- Fernando Rodney closed out Sunday’s game against the Yankees, notching his second save in as many days. It seems that Joel Peralta’s leash was at short as it could be, as Rodney will close until Kyle Farnsworth returns from the DL. Hierarchy change: Fernando Rodney to Closer, Joel Peralta to Set-up.

April 8, 2012
Tampa Bay Rays- Joel Peralta was brought in to stop the Yankees rally yesterday, but only faced two hitters, the second of whom hit a HR off him. Jake McGee was then brought in for one batter before Fernando Rodney came in to close it out. Based on Peralta’s success filling in as closer last year, he figures to get another shot, but could be in danger of losing the job should he falter again. Joel Peralta to Hot Seat.

April 5, 2012
Tampa Bay Rays- Kyle Farnsworth was on the Rays’ 25-man opening day roster yesterday, but today, he’s been placed on the disabled list after complaining of elbow soreness. Joel Peralta will see save opportunities in his absence. Hierarchy change: Joel Peralta to Closer, Fernando Rodney to Set-up, Jake McGee to 2nd in line, Kyle Farnsworth to DL.

March 20, 2012
Tampa Bay Rays- Joe Maddon’s 2012 group looks much like the 2011 version of the bullpen – and that’s a good thing for the Rays. Starting 2012 hierarchy: Closer- Kyle Farnsworth, Set-up- Joel Peralta, 2nd in line- Fernando Rodney.

Sept. 26, 2011
Tampa Bay Rays- Kyle Farnsworth pitched his first inning in several weeks on Saturday, so the Rays gave him Sunday off and turned to Joel Peralta for the save. No hierarchy change.

Sept. 19, 2011
Tampa Bay Rays- Kyle Farnsworth is still out for at least two more days, and Joel Peralta picked up another save in his absence on Sunday. No hierarchy change.

Sept. 18, 2011
Tampa Bay Rays- Joel Peralta picked up the save last night with Kyle Farnsworth still on the shelf. Farnsworth is due to return on Wednesday or Thursday, so Peralta may get one or two more opportunities to close. No hierarchy change.

Sept. 13, 2011
Tampa Bay Rays- Kyle Farnsworth will be out a few days as he recovers from some shoulder soreness. Joel Peralta picked up the save last night and will close until he gets back. No hierarchy change.

Aug. 28, 2011
Tampa Bay Rays- Joel Peralta got the save last night as Farnsworth was unavailable due to a sore elbow. Madden said Farnsworth should be able to pitch tomorrow. No hierarchy change.

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