K-Rod moves into 10th on all-time saves list

September 28, 2014

Milwaukee Brewers – Francisco Rodriguez pitched a scoreless 9th inning for his 44th save of the season.  It was also K-Rod’s 348th career save, which moves him into 10th place all-time.

Hierarchy remains: Rodriguez | Broxton | Smith.

Chicago White Sox – Javy Guerra picked up his first save of the season last night.  Jake Petricka started the 9th inning, but left with a lower back injury.  Guerra was able to come on and get the last three outs for a White Sox win on a night when they honored retiring Paul Konerko.

Hierarchy remains: Petricka | Putnam | Guerra.

1. Zach Putnam/Javy Guerra, Chicago White Sox – Jake Petricka left yesterday’s game with a back injury.
2. Danny Farquhar, Seattle Mariners – Fernando Rodney has pitched in three straight.

Updated MLB Closer Depth Chart

Closer 1st in line 2nd in line Updated Closer 1st in line 2nd in line Updated
BAL Britton O'Day Miller 9/11/14 ATL Kimbrel Walden Carpenter 9/4/14
BOS Mujica Uehara Tazawa 9/13/14 MIA Cishek Hatcher Ramos 9/18/14
NYY Robertson Betances Warren 9/26/14 NYM Mejia Familia Black 9/10/14
TB McGee Boxberger Balfour 9/15/14 PHI Papelbon Giles Diekman 9/27/14
TOR Janssen Sanchez Cecil 9/27/14 WAS Storen Clippard Soriano 9/22/14
CHW *Petricka Putnam Guerra 9/28/14 CHC Rondon Strop Ramirez 8/27/14
CLE Allen Shaw Atchison 9/23/14 CIN Chapman Diaz LeCure 9/1/14
DET Nathan Soria Chamberlain 9/26/14 MIL Rodriguez Broxton Smith 9/28/14
KC Holland Davis Herrera 9/17/14 PIT Melancon Watson Holdzkom 9/24/14
MIN Burton Fien Duensing 9/19/14 STL Rosenthal Neshek Martinez 9/20/14
HOU Qualls Fields Sipp 9/23/14 ARI Reed Marshall Harris 9/21/14
LAA Street Smith Jepsen 9/24/14 COL Hawkins Ottavino Brothers 7/31/14
OAK Doolittle O'Flaherty Cook 9/13/14 LAD Jansen Wilson League 9/23/14
SEA Rodney Farquhar Medina 8/14/14 SD Benoit Quackenbush Thayer 9/21/14
TEX Feliz Cotts Mendez 9/24/14 SF Casilla Romo Strickland 9/24/14


* = closer by committee


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Papelbon appears in Philly for first time since suspension

September 27, 2014

Philadelphia Phillies – Jonathan Papelbon made his first appearance in Philadelphia since he was suspended for making a lewd gesture after blowing a save a few weeks ago.  As you would expect, fans booed Papelbon when he was announced for the 9th inning, but he was still able to pick up his 39th save of the season.  Papelbon still has at least one year left on his deal, but after his recent actions and the performance of rookie Ken Giles, the Phillies will likely try to trade Papelbon in the off-season.

Hierarchy remains: Papelbon | Giles | Diekman.

Toronto Blue Jays – Marcus Stroman recorded a four inning save last night.  Stroman, making his first appearance since being suspended for throwing at Caleb Joseph, gave up only one hit while striking out four.  Stroman is a promising young starter for the Blue Jays and will not factor into their bullpen plans.

Hierarchy remains: Janssen | Sanchez | Cecil.

1. Dellin Betances, New York Yankees – David Robertson has appeared in two straight and three of the past four.

David Robertson not helping his cause for 2015

September 26, 2014

New York Yankees - So it turns out that baseball is totally rigged, and last night, David Robertson owners were the victims. Robertson’s role in “Yeah Jeets!: The Musical” was to ensure that Derek Jeter got a final at-bat, which meant a brutal blown save that included two home runs. In all seriousness, the Yankee brass should definitely mull the Robertson vs. Dellin Betances question in the offseason. Robertson has been pretty-good-but-not-great all year, while Betances has had one of the best seasons for a reliever of all time.

Hierarchy remains: Robertson | Betances | Warren.

Detroit Tigers – If you’re in a deep league with the holds category coming down to the wire, you might want to snag Anibal Sanchez. Sanchez recently returned from the disabled list, and Brad Ausmus has vowed that he could be used at any point in the game.

Hierarchy remains: Nathan | Soria | Chamberlain.

1. Rafael Soriano, Washington Nationals – Just a hunch, but Drew Storen and Tyler Clippard both pitched yesterday, and the Nats may want to give them extra rest heading into the postseason.