Glen Perkins’s injury is minor, but he still may be shut down

September 19, 2014

Minnesota Twins – Glen Perkins has some nerve irritation, but the injury isn’t particularly serious. No word yet on if he’s going to be shut down for the season, but if so, Jared Burton is the best bet for saves in the season’s final week.

Hierarchy remains: Perkins | Burton | Fien.

Arizona Diamondbacks – Brad Ziegler underwent microfracture knee surgery on Tuesday and is 50/50 to make it back by April 2015. The end of the season can’t come soon enough for the Arizona bullpen, which suffered through yet another brutal outing by Addison Reed on Thursday night. In his last five outings, Reed has a 15.75 ERA and a 3.75 WHIP. He’d go to the Hot Seat, but at this point, Arizona might be jockeying for the first overall pick in the draft.

Updated hierarchy: Reed | Marshall | Harris.

Milwaukee Brewers – The Brewers, now 8-19 in their last 27 games, should be fighting with their every last breath for a shot to remain in the playoff race. Instead, they lost a 13-inning game yesterday in which their best reliever, Francisco Rodriguez, did not pitch, as he was presumably waiting for a save chance that never came. Yes, this is a site designed to help fantasy baseball owners, and those with K-Rod are probably fine with RRR’s decision to leave him in the wings while the Brewers lost yet again. But the “never pitch your closer without a lead on the road” is probably the single worst still-accepted old-school baseball stratagem out their right now, and we feel the need to rant about it at least once a season. SMH, RRR. SMH.

Hierarchy remains: Rodriguez | Broxton | Smith.

1. Kevin Quackenbush, San Diego Padres – Joaquin Benoit continues his valiant fight to maybe return on the last day of the season.
2. Evan Marshall, Arizona Diamondbacks – Addison Reed has had a rough time over the past two days.

Updated MLB Closer Depth Chart

Closer 1st in line 2nd in line Updated Closer 1st in line 2nd in line Updated
BAL Britton O'Day Miller 9/11/14 ATL Kimbrel Walden Carpenter 9/4/14
BOS Mujica Uehara Tazawa 9/13/14 MIA Cishek Hatcher Ramos 9/18/14
NYY Robertson Betances Kelley 9/18/14 NYM Mejia Familia Black 9/10/14
TB McGee Boxberger Balfour 9/15/14 PHI Giles Diekman De Fratus 9/15/14
TOR Janssen Sanchez Cecil 9/8/14 WAS Storen Clippard Soriano 9/16/14
CHW *Petricka Putnam Guerra 9/17/14 CHC Rondon Strop Ramirez 8/27/14
CLE Allen Shaw Atchison 8/15/14 CIN Chapman Diaz LeCure 9/1/14
DET Nathan Soria Chamberlain 9/17/14 MIL Rodriguez Broxton Smith 9/19/14
KC Holland Davis Herrera 9/17/14 PIT Melancon Watson Holdzkom 9/17/14
MIN Perkins Burton Fien 9/19/14 STL Rosenthal Neshek Martinez 9/14/14
HOU Qualls Fields Sipp 9/11/14 ARI Reed Marshall Harris 9/19/14
LAA Street Smith Jepsen 9/6/14 COL Hawkins Ottavino Brothers 7/31/14
OAK Doolittle O'Flaherty Cook 9/13/14 LAD Jansen Wilson League 9/4/14
SEA Rodney Farquhar Medina 8/14/14 SD Benoit Quackenbush Thayer 9/13/14
TEX Feliz Cotts Tolleson 9/14/14 SF Casilla Romo Affeldt 9/12/14


* = closer by committee


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Glen Perkins could be shut down soon

September 18, 2014

Minnesota Twins – Glen Perkins has had an abysmal September, and Twins doctors performed an MRI on his entire arm on Wednesday to try to find out why. Jared Burton was in line for the vulture save last night until Minnesota scored a few runs in the eighth; he will serve as interim closer for as long as Perkins is out.

Hierarchy remains: Perkins | Burton | Fien.

Miami Marlins – Bryan Morris hasn’t pitched in eight days and he might be done for the season with an injured groin. If Steve Cishek needs a break, Miami is likely to call on converted catcher (and potential cruiserweight champion) Chris Hatcher, who has been punching out hitters in Morris’s absence.

Updated hierarchy: Cishek | Hatcher | Ramos.

New York Yankees – Dellin Betances surpassed some Mariano Rivera guy on Wednesday to set a Yankees record for strikeouts by a reliever (132), and he did it in 20 fewer innings. Because of Masahiro Tanaka’s injury, Betances is now only three Ks away from leading the entire team.

Hierarchy remains: Robertson | Betances | Kelley.

1. Kevin Quackenbush, San Diego Padres – No explanation needed.

John Holdzkom: a name to remember

September 17, 2014

Detroit Tigers – After Glen Perkins handed the Tigers a win in the top half of the ninth, Joe Nathan’s poor command and Ezequiel Carrera’s defensive mistake combined to give it right back. After the game, Brad Ausmus confirmed that Nathan remains the closer, 5.10 ERA and all, but Nathan remains on the Hot Seat, where he’s made his home for almost two months now. Although Tigers fans are pining for Joakim Soria, at least this way Nathan is guaranteed more mean tweets to read on camera.

Hierarchy remains: Nathan | Soria | Chamberlain.

Pittsburgh Pirates – John Holdzkom’s major league career now comprises six scoreless innings, two baserunners, and 11 strikeouts. A former prospect rediscovered in an independent league earlier this season, Holdzkom is eliciting comparisons to a young K-Rod, and is a name to remember for October and beyond, especially in holdz holds leagues.

Updated hierarchy: Melancon | Watson | Holdzkom.

Kansas City Royals – Wade Davis and Kelvin Herrera came into Tuesday night with the two longest scoreless streaks in the major leagues, a combined 62 2/3 innings that started way back on June 27. Both streaks were snapped in the eighth inning of a 7-5 Royals loss. Kansas City used eight relievers; Davis and Herrera were the only ones to be scored on.

Hierarchy remains: Holland | Davis | Herrera.

Chicago White Sox – Zach Putnam earned his fifth save on Tuesday while Jake Petricka stood by if needed. Petricka blew a save on Monday, and Chicago’s bullpen remains in flux.

Hierarchy remains: Petricka | Putnam | Guerra.

1. Tyler Clippard/Rafael Soriano, Washington Nationals – Drew Storen has pitched in three straight games and Washington has clinched the division.
2. Joakim Soria, Detroit Tigers — Joe Nathan has thrown 68 pitches in the last four days. He’s not pitching on Wednesday.
3. Jared Burton, Minnesota Twins – Glen Perkins has pitched on three of the last four days, including a three-run debacle on Tuesday night that ultimately earned him the cheapest of cheap wins.
4. Kevin Quackenbush, San Diego Padres — Joaquin Benoit could return to the Padres late this week, just in time not to help you in your playoffs.