Zach Putnam returns; Jenrry Mejia has a tight hamstring

August 8, 2014

Chicago White Sox – Zach Putnam was activated from the disabled list following Thursday’s game, though Robin Ventura hasn’t specified what his role will be yet. Jake Petricka has done a serviceable, though not spectacular, job as the full-time closer in Putnam’s absence, so Putnam could return to his pre-injury role of splitting save chances. More likely, though, is that Ventura starts Putnam off in a few non-save situations to gauge the righty’s effectiveness, with the potential of moving him back in to the 9th inning if he proves himself healthy. Also of note on the South Side, Matt Lindstrom, who started the year as the closer, is about a week from returning.

Updated hierarchy: Petricka | Putnam | Belisario.

New York Mets – Jenrry Mejia pitched a scoreless 12th inning on Thursday but couldn’t return for the 13th because of a balky hamstring. Mejia said he’d be fine, but if his injury is more serious than he’s letting on, Jeurys Familia would be in line for saves.

Hierarchy remains: Mejia | Familia | Black.

St. Louis Cardinals – Pat Neshek picked up a vulture save on Thursday night, filling in for a resting Trevor Rosenthal. The Monkey’s Knicks hat remains intact.

Hierarchy remains: Rosenthal | Neshek | Motte.

1. Jeurys Familia/Vic Black, New York Mets – If Mejia can’t go today (see above), then a save chance likely lands on Jeurys Familia. Familia has thrown 61 pitches over the last four days, though, making Vic Black a sleeper for a vulture save.