Wilton Lopez finally to close for Houston; Brandon League traded to Dodgers

July 31, 2012

Los Angeles Angels – Jerome Williams pitched the last 4 innings of a blowout on Monday, earning his first save.  Williams’s outing was pretty hideous (8 hits, 5 ERs), and he doesn’t factor in the the Angels usual late-inning plans.  No hierarchy change.

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Seattle Mariners – The Mariners traded set-up man Brandon League to the Dodgers early Tuesday morning.  Lucas Luetge and Josh Kinney will now share 8th inning duties.  With Tom Wilhelmsen getting a night off last night (his wife was expecting a child), Kinney and Luetge combined to get through the 9th inning, with Luetge picking up the one-out save.  Hierarchy change: Lucas Luetge to Set-up, Josh Kinney to 2nd in line.

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New York Mets – In a game with lots of bullpen ineptitude on both sides, Manny Acosta picked up a shaky save for the Mets in the 10th inning.  Acosta does not fit in to the Mets usual late-inning plans; they’d already used all their top arms when they summoned him last night.  No hierarchy change.

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Houston Astros – Some speculated that Francisco Cordero’s decent outing on Sunday may have saved his job, but tonight, he was the first man out of the bullpen for the Astros.  Coming on in the 7th inning, Cordero allowed an inherited runner to score, then gave up the tying run.  He also pitched to one batter in the 8th, allowing a leadoff double, before being lifted and eventually taking the loss.  Based on Cordero’s usage tonight, and his general awfulness in his return to the National League thus far, Wilton Lopez looks like he will finally get his shot to finish games.  Hierarchy change: Wilton Lopez to Closer, Wesley Wright to Set-up, Francisco Cordero to 2nd in line.

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1. Lucas Luetge/Josh Kinney, Seattle Mariners – Tom Wilhelmsen’s wife just gave birth, so the Seattle closer may still be unavailable today.
2. Jared Burton, Minnesota Twins – The Twins are employing a committee, and while Glen Perkins remains the best bet for saves, Jared Burton could get an opportunity whenever the Twins are facing a righty-heavy lineup.